Hunter X Hunter Episode 98 Review

So now that we’re (sort of) caught up on what’s happened so far, I’m going to jump into reviewing these shows.  First up is episode 98 of Hunter X Hunter.

So in this episode, Gon and Killua are discussing how they are going to deal with the fact that the Chimera Ants have started their selection process.  They discover that the Ants have started wiping out entire villages at a time.  Gon and Killua come up with a plan to raise a ruckus in a nearby town that hasn’t gone in for selection yet.  I’m really concerned (especially with Killua being my favorite character) that something is going to go wrong and the Ants are going to kill Killua when he causes mayhem.  I have this habit of picking a character as my favorite then have them get killed, so this really wouldn’t surprise me, even if it did make me EXTREMELY mad.

As for a review, I liked the episode, but it felt pretty talky right up until the last few minutes.  Gon fights some of the Ants that aren’t super strong and is being followed by Meleoron (the chameleon type Ant), who doesn’t really want to fight him.  He seems like he’s pretty nervous about Gon’s strength.  I know they had to do the talky stuff to build up to the next episode, but I like my action anime to be filled with action.  So that’s pretty much it…

I’m trying to get the newest One Piece episode still, hopefully I will have it tomorrow so I can review it.  As always, let me know what you think.  I’m always open for suggestions.  Thanks for reading, have a great day! 🙂


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