A little somethin’ somethin’ about Hitman Reborn!

So, my boyfriend and I have started watching Hitman Reborn.  I have to say, the first episodes were pretty silly.  Up to about episode 20, I was wondering if there was ever a point at which I’d say, “Oh yeah, this show is totally worth watching”.  And then, it happened.  Luckily for me, I was able to endure the first episodes, because this show is AWESOME!  I haven’t gotten very far in it yet, only at about episode 40.  I just wanted to say it really took me by surprise how awesome it is when it’s good.  Only problem is you have to wait, then sift through episodes for good ones.  So, I’d only recommend this anime if you can be patient through some pretty silly stuff.

That’s all, though.  I may do a full review when I’m deeper into the show.  As always, have a great day!


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