Hunter X Hunter Episode 105 Review!

This week was pretty interesting episode. It spoke a lot about the King and really, I didn’t really care about him until this episode.  This episode teaches you a little bit about his personality and how he thinks.


So this week the King continues to play Gungi with the player from East Gorteau. He proposes that they make a wager, if she wins she can ask for anything she wants.  If he wins, he will take her left arm.  She says she would rather wager her life, since if she loses, she will be a burden on her family. The King does something unpredictable and harms himself.  In a show of her power over the King, the Gungi player insists he seek treatment, or she will no longer play.  He obliges.

It doesn’t sound amazing, but you have to see it to appreciate it!  In the later part of the episode, Knov and Morel start their attack on the palace. A couple of the Chimeras are after them again. It should be a good episode this week.

As always, let me know if you have questions or suggestions.  Have a great day!


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