Hunter X Hunter Episode 106 Review

This week’s episode was really cool.  It was another one that revolved around Knov and Morel.  These guys are pretty cool.  Their powers keep getting more and more interesting.  So instead of delaying the review any further, I’ll jump right into it.

So Morel, the smokey-pipey guy, had been headed out away from Knov to distract from his mission.  On this little side trip, he runs into Leol, the Chimera Ant who is trying to become the new King.  Morel quickly discovers, by analyzing him, that he is as strong as Cheetu.  I, personally, don’t know that that is going to be as big of a deal as he’s making it, since Cheetu was so easy to be defeated.  Morel lures Leol into an enclosed area and they are ramping up to get a fight started.

Knov is out near the castle, trying to place exits for them when they are ready to start infiltrating the castle to defeat the King.  He slowly makes his way towards the castle and starts placing his exits.  He gets inside and he encounters a Chimera Ant and we’ll just say, it will show you how cool this teleportation power can be.  Once that concludes, he approaches the stairway and comes into close proximity with some really evil aura.  He is forced to retreat.  The powerful evil in the aura is enough to break his will to go back.  He says that he can no longer return to the castle, even if it is desperately needed.  He then says something that makes you realize how badass Gon and Killua are.  “How can they have faced that aura and still have the will to fight?”  If Knov was totally broken and Gon and Killua are still able to fight, that means that they have way more determination than him.  That means they’re probably going to end up being WAY more badass by the end of this show.

Also, Palm has infiltrated the palace because of the secretary who is the only human allowed in the palace at the moment.  He’s a total pervert freakshow, so hopefully Palm is able to get close to him without totally losing it.  It’ll be interesting to see how it plays out.

Thanks for reading.  If you have any comments or suggestions, please feel free to let me know!  As always, guys, have a great day!


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