Hunter X Hunter Episode 107 Review!

For once, I’m making a post in a timely manner!  Episode 107 came up last night and I got to watch it on time.  I’m kind of torn whether I feel like this is a good thing or a bad thing.  Normally that sounds like I didn’t enjoy the episode, but it’s quite the opposite.  This week was so action packed and interesting, I’m really disappointed that I am going to have to wait a full week for a new episode!  Enough of my rambling, I’m going to jump right into it!



Hunter X Hunter Episode 106 Review

This week’s episode was really cool.  It was another one that revolved around Knov and Morel.  These guys are pretty cool.  Their powers keep getting more and more interesting.  So instead of delaying the review any further, I’ll jump right into it.


One Piece Episode 617 Review (minor spoilers!)

So I finally got current with One Piece so I could do a review on an episode.  I am SO glad it was this episode that I could review for the first one.

So let’s just hop right in!


Hunter X Hunter Episode 100 Review

I guess this week, now that I’ve already complained about Hunter X Hunter’s new time spot, I don’t have a very long intro to give to this episode.  I’m gonna hop right into it.


Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

So, in lieu of having a One Piece review this week, I figured I would change gears and talk about one of my favorite short anime series.  There are 51 episodes in the series and 5 OVAs.  There’s also a movie that was pretty good called The Sacred Star of Milos, which was pretty good.


Hunter X Hunter Episode 98 Review

So now that we’re (sort of) caught up on what’s happened so far, I’m going to jump into reviewing these shows.  First up is episode 98 of Hunter X Hunter.